Friday, 1 November 2013


There were always bound to be some teething issues with “The Boss” and I.    

Our first came this morning. 

A second baby quilt, this is to go with the rabbit quilt.  This is also a quilt which should have been finished last week.  

A few issues to begin with.  The top was the same size as the back.

I added some strips around the edges, and have attempted to squeeze it onto the backing. 

Then after basting the entire quilt top, to make sure it was square, I made my first pass.

A small stipple in the outside patchwork borders, and the middle I am still deciding on.  I had thought a mini stipple between the elephants. 

 I also had a play with an echoing meander, down one of the sides.  Not sure yet. 

I had just pulled the bobbin case out to fill with a new bobbin.  In putting it back into the machine, the little lever on the front, which pinches the spring to hold the case in the race … sheared off!!


Thankfully I have a new one in the post, right away.   

Till then I will think  on the middle section.  

Any ideas?  Would love to hear what you would do?

In the meantime, I had a nap (working a night shift tonight so feel I am excused!) and hung some of my minis on the wall.  

Making my space my own, slowly.