Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Secret Squirrels

I have a wonderful group of quilting friends.   
This particular group is the first group of quilting ladies that I have mostly never met.

In true quilty style, when one of us announced a new arrival, the chance to help make a beautiful and lasting gift, to someone that will cherish it, was too hard to resist.

When I signed up, we were all happy in our old house.   As the date for the block to be sent back in approached, we were in the middle of moving house.

This meant that hand stitching was on the cards.  I have already dabbled in English paper piecing, so went with the templates that I already had.  ¾ of an inch along each side, these hexys are gorgeous.

I pulled fabric from my scrap bin and used some of the samples kindly sent by AJ.

Four rounds of hexys.  I auditioned a green background, but ended up going for the lighter, more neutral fabric.

Appliqued down.


Then the blocks started arriving back with AJ.

AJ did a great job bringing all the blocks together.

Here are some more professional shots of the boy and his quilt, taken by his very talented Mama, Rachel.



  1. Oh my goodness, that turned out so lovely and looks like it's being cherished already :)