Thursday, 3 October 2013

A Pot of Gold...

…. Is definitely at the end of this rainbow!

What a gorgeous quilt.

A strip quilt with blacks and whites, it is such a happy quilt.  The black and white fabrics, really help the colours to pop.

I quilted with a medium sized stipple to allow the quilt to be snuggly.  It is also the pattern which I feel most comfortable quilting.

This lovely quilt is going in the post back to its, Quilt Mama, first thing this morning!!


  1. So fun! How is the stippling on a long arm? You know I still hate stippling. :-P

    1. I love stippling Michelle! Put on some tunes, and you can't go wrong. I just have to SLOW down. Concentating on keeping stitches uniform in length will get easier I am sure. I see lots of practice in my future.