Monday, 11 November 2013


Spring is in full swing.

My garden is starting to show signs of life and I spent a few moment out there this morning.

I also have a bit of love affair with the Hoya plant.  I have approximately 5 plants, all in hanging baskets.  Most of these plants I have had for 10 years or more.

An evergreen climber, these plants have lovely foliage and probably are better known for their wax like flowers.  

 The flowers sprout from the same bud year after year.  

I noticed this morning some strange red pods hanging from about 9 bud ends.  It turns out these are seed pods.  

I have had this plant for many years, and have never seen this before.  A quick search on the internet tells me that seed pods are quite rare, and some plants never produce seed pods, ever.

Very Cool!


I also got some lovely garden ornaments the other week to mark the spot where Roxy, our beautiful cat, now lies in rest.  The wings glow in the dark, which the kids think is pretty cool.

Quiltwise, I am working on a mini for a special teacher's present.  

Going to be fun!

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