Thursday, 20 February 2014

Summer Hoya Fun

This summer has seen my Hoya plants flourish like never before.  

My Hoya fungii, has produced 11 seed pods over the summer.  

 I managed to catch all but the first – of which I gathered approx 30 from around the plant.

My Hoya obovata also put out a single seed pod.

Using my method of enclosing the seed pod, on the plant, within a sockette. It has proven to be a wonderfully easy way of collecting the seeds.

Even if the pod opens, the seeds are unable to float away and are captured inside to be gathered and planted right away.

I have experimented with several methods of germinating and in several mediums.   

The best success has come from those I germinated in totally enclosed containers.  A medium of orchid mix, perlite and potting mix have worked well, as has sphagnum moss and vermiculite.  I have also moved them outside into a hothouse.

I am just waiting on the seedlings to put out their second set of leaves, before repotting.

I also gained a Hoya densifolia for my collection 

… and look already an umbel!


  1. Oh wow, I am hoping to have my new plants bloom soonest! I haven't seen any pod in my first time bloomers!

  2. They are so pretty. You really have raising them down to a science it seems!