Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Some show and tell

Is it really almost the end of March?  Where has this year gone?

I have been very quiet here on the blog.  Life has been getting in the way of quilting … but there is change in the air.

I managed to get up the nerve to do a quilt for a family member. 
A gorgeous quilt top, pieced from French General Fabric’s, and a delicious Moda backing.   

 I was asked to quilt an allover pattern, which was reasonably open.  I stared at that quilt loaded, for what seemed like days!

I decided to throw in love hearts, which were part of one of the fabrics.  Thread was a variegated, natural colour which both blends and highlights.

Next on the frame is this cute girls quilt top. 
For my cousin’s 4 year old, it is destined for her new big girls bed.
Miss J chose the layer cake, an Annela Hoy delight, Posy. 

I added some solids, coral, lilac and white.  The backing is a gorgeous batik wide back in purples, pinks and apricot.  Delicious!

 I have decided to play on this top.

First Bump-Bump feathers!

A heart motif for the border.

Micro stippled hearts, in the open blocks.

I hope to get it finished tomorrow.

Glad to be getting back into the saddle!

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