Thursday, 29 August 2013

All but the details

  I have finished my first longarmed quilt, except for sewing the binding to the back! It is at least attached.  I ended up using some fabric bought yesterday when I popped into my lqs.  I had thought I might have used something in my stash, but this ended up the better choice.

I am machine binding, but need to pack it all up to get a nanna nap.

Back to work tonight.

I want to load some doodle fabric tonight before going to work.  I will float the top this time.  I think I have the pinning to the roller down pat now, and want to make it a bit quicker to load.

 I am more than pleased with the result. Excuse the dorky selfie!!

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The First Quilt on the Longarm

Today was the day I quilted my first quilt, onmy longarm!

It had been ready and loaded since Friday evening, and teased me all weekend, during my working week!

I chose a lovely variegated thread for the top, and a grey for the bobbin.

A simple stipple.

I am more than pleased with the result.  

I need to slow down, and take my time.  You can definitely tell I was getting much better by the end of the quilt. 

The borders leave something to be desired, but I wasn’t ripping, and I will get the hang of it.  Still looks good in my book.

The back was some lovely animal print in black, white and grey.


A win for me!

Now to square and bind.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Doodle Done

My first test drive is off the frame.

Just a plain piece of homespun, I played with whatever colour bobbin I picked out of the box.  The top colour is all yellow.  Both Signature 100% cotton thread, I was so surprised at how few thread breakages I had!

I started with a simple stipple at the top, and then just worked down the quilt, trying different things, as I went.


Terrible, McTavishing … but I can only get better with practice.


Stitches were mostly well formed, some pops of bobbin colour near the end, and I may have to play with the bobbin tension a little as we totally cleaned it out in the service.  When Jeff unscrewed, and removed the tension screw, I nearly died.  But I will not fear tension.  We can be friends, right?!  Besties, I am hoping, lol!

I have loaded up a quilt top, finished nearly a year ago.  

Can’t wait to see if I can pull off a half decent stipple on a quilt, first up! 

Wish me luck!!

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Patience is a virtue

It had been my wish, to get this machine going fairly quickly after moving it.  It has not happened that way.  I have been in touch with the service mechanics, but have not had a call back regarding a time to come out.  This is very frustrating, given I first contacted them early in July.  I sent another friendly email last week, enquiring when I might hear from them, but still haven’t heard a thing.  Still, patience is a virtue, or so they say!

Just call me Saint Caz!
The machine is up and going!

Jeff, the mechanic kindly visited yesterday and gave the table and machine the once over.  At once he noticed a hitch with the table.  An easy fix, and what do you know ... turning the elbows in, has levelled the pick up roller!  

A thorough going over, an oil and a rethread had me itching to get stitching!

In conversation, Jeff tells me that this machine, may be the very first machine ever imported into Australia?  It may also be the only electric roller system on a Gammill table.  It is the only one in Victoria.  It is also the very first machine which Jeff, ever worked on!  He has been maintaining it for about 15 years.  I am looking forward to using it for many more.

This morning I loaded up some plain fabric, and batting and got quilting.

All the while, Googling, "loading a gammill longarm", hilarious!!


It went on fine, although I didn't bother with much overhang on the backing as it is only a practice piece, to test tension, the machine and to get my groove.

The tension looks ok on the back!!!!!

A night off tonight means I can play till the early hours.

Happy Quilting!!