Thursday, 29 August 2013

All but the details

  I have finished my first longarmed quilt, except for sewing the binding to the back! It is at least attached.  I ended up using some fabric bought yesterday when I popped into my lqs.  I had thought I might have used something in my stash, but this ended up the better choice.

I am machine binding, but need to pack it all up to get a nanna nap.

Back to work tonight.

I want to load some doodle fabric tonight before going to work.  I will float the top this time.  I think I have the pinning to the roller down pat now, and want to make it a bit quicker to load.

 I am more than pleased with the result. Excuse the dorky selfie!!


  1. caz - invest in some 'red snappers' - constantine quilts sell them - they're fabulous and loading quilts is a breeze - google them and watch the vid:)

  2. Congratulations! Love the fabrics and the quilting! With all of the fancy options out there, that meandering is still my favorite. Love the mugshot too!

    : )