Thursday, 22 August 2013

Patience is a virtue

It had been my wish, to get this machine going fairly quickly after moving it.  It has not happened that way.  I have been in touch with the service mechanics, but have not had a call back regarding a time to come out.  This is very frustrating, given I first contacted them early in July.  I sent another friendly email last week, enquiring when I might hear from them, but still haven’t heard a thing.  Still, patience is a virtue, or so they say!

Just call me Saint Caz!
The machine is up and going!

Jeff, the mechanic kindly visited yesterday and gave the table and machine the once over.  At once he noticed a hitch with the table.  An easy fix, and what do you know ... turning the elbows in, has levelled the pick up roller!  

A thorough going over, an oil and a rethread had me itching to get stitching!

In conversation, Jeff tells me that this machine, may be the very first machine ever imported into Australia?  It may also be the only electric roller system on a Gammill table.  It is the only one in Victoria.  It is also the very first machine which Jeff, ever worked on!  He has been maintaining it for about 15 years.  I am looking forward to using it for many more.

This morning I loaded up some plain fabric, and batting and got quilting.

All the while, Googling, "loading a gammill longarm", hilarious!!


It went on fine, although I didn't bother with much overhang on the backing as it is only a practice piece, to test tension, the machine and to get my groove.

The tension looks ok on the back!!!!!

A night off tonight means I can play till the early hours.

Happy Quilting!!


  1. Love it. There is nothing I enjoy more than long arm play.

  2. Yay. how exciting. Try using different bobbin colour when playing to check tension. Also, run your fingers over the sticthing underneath. It should be flat not raised. ( tips that other quilters have taught me over the years ) .

  3. Wonderful!! I'm so excited for you, and I can't wait to hear more about it!

    : )