Saturday, 24 August 2013

Doodle Done

My first test drive is off the frame.

Just a plain piece of homespun, I played with whatever colour bobbin I picked out of the box.  The top colour is all yellow.  Both Signature 100% cotton thread, I was so surprised at how few thread breakages I had!

I started with a simple stipple at the top, and then just worked down the quilt, trying different things, as I went.


Terrible, McTavishing … but I can only get better with practice.


Stitches were mostly well formed, some pops of bobbin colour near the end, and I may have to play with the bobbin tension a little as we totally cleaned it out in the service.  When Jeff unscrewed, and removed the tension screw, I nearly died.  But I will not fear tension.  We can be friends, right?!  Besties, I am hoping, lol!

I have loaded up a quilt top, finished nearly a year ago.  

Can’t wait to see if I can pull off a half decent stipple on a quilt, first up! 

Wish me luck!!

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