Sunday, 19 February 2012


I can finally reveal my big secret.

This weekend saw me become the owner of my very first piece of Horn furniture, the Sovereign Sewing and Quilting Cabinet,  no less.  It fits my machine in perfectly and will allow me to have all the space I need to quilt to my hearts content.

Gumtree and Ebay have both provided me with beautifully kept instruments of quilting and I plan on making good use of this barely used table and cabinet.

Please excuse the less than professional pic, from my phone, I haven't had a chance to take a better one.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Annual Leave

The two words, Annual Leave are a new addition to my vocabulary.  I must say that I have achieved lots and have enjoyed having a couple of weeks to do all the things I have put off during the past year, as well as work on some projects.

My two, Miss 8, and Master 6, commenced the school year.  Miss 8, moving up to Grade 3 and Master 6 making the big transition to Prep and school.  Both have really enjoyed their first couple of weeks and I hope that they continue to enjoy learning and engaging with the school communities.  To complicate things, they are at different schools, but I feel we have made an excellent choice for Master 6.  Thankfully, so does he!!

I had set some goals to try some new things with my quilting this year.  I am happy to report, one is off the list!

Mitred Borders!

My lantern quilt was perfect for the task.  I had to redo the first one, however the other three were satisfactory on the first go.  So the finished quilt top is a massive 75 inches X 90 inches.  I am planning on quilting it myself.  My biggest project ever, by far!!  I almost don't have the floor space to lay it out!! 

I also have pieced a replacement quilt top for Master 6.  He wanted Owls, and I love the Saffron Craig Fabrics range, so that was the basis of this quilt top.  The new range by Moda, Half Moon Modern just makes me smile, so decided to combine these fabrics.  I planned it out, and then got stuck into sewing.  I have completed the top, and currently working on the backing for this one too.  I am also going to do a quilted pillow case to go with this quilt, using a larger piece of fussy cut Owl fabric.  Should be gorgeous when finished.

I do have some very, very exciting news to share ....  but am going to wait until the deal is done before I tell.

Stay tuned for an update!!