Friday, 4 October 2013

Practice Fun

Earlier this week, I cranked the machine and had a play on a practice piece I had loaded onto the frame.

The top is a plain piece of fabric with interesting lines and shapes for me to practice quilting around.

I used a variegated thread on the top, and a dusky pink to match the back.  The back is pieced with busy fabric also.  It hides the stitching from the front beautifully.

I have been learning the ins and outs of my machine and we are quickly becoming friends.  Very few broken threads and not a single broken needle yet (touch wood!).   

In this piece I was concentrating on a couple of things.  As a non stitch regulated machine, I have to listen to the machine, feel it and watch my stitches closely.  How fast the needle is moving, combined with the speed and direction of the machine give the stitches their length.  

As you can see I have plenty to work on.  

Slowing down and getting my rhythm will help, but really the only thing is PRACTICE!!  

 Lets go quilt!


  1. That print is fantastic Caz! And it looks like you had a ball! Thanks so much for linking up :) I'm loving following your new adventures with your long arm!

  2. great work caz love the fabric and yr quilting is cool

  3. Wow! That's fantastic for a test run ... I've just starting following you on Bloglovin' so can follow your quilting adventures :)