Friday, 30 March 2012

Minnie Mouse

A sunny Friday afternoon and the weekend is almost here.

I have been finishing off the Minnie Mouse Baby Quilt.  Baby arrived safe and sound on Tuesday, perfect timing for an arrival home.

I bound the quilt in a left over piece of red and pink fabric from Tenille's 'Sophie' quilt.  The red and pink really tie it all together.

Happy to have finished another one!


  1. Love it...well done....I came across to have a look at your blog from FB and what do ya know, I'm already a follower hee hee I hadn't put the two together and didn't realise you were the Mid Wife over on FB lol Hugs Naomi

  2. Hahaha Naomi! It took me a while to work it out too. Whew, glad we got that sorted, lol. Going to gift this quilt really soon, can't wait XX