Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Heart this quilt

So I have been thinking over my design for the quilting of Minnie Mouse.  I wanted to incorporate hearts, as we all really do, heart Minnie … don’t we?  

I had a stencil which I used down the center of the quilt.  I then decided the original plan needed tweaking, so I have free motioned hearts around the rest of the wonky stars.  I promised I wouldn’t work on it too late this evening, as I have been running all over today.  Here is what I have done so far.  A step out of my comfort zone, however I hope to get some more done tomorrow.

My gorgeous Mother in Law is down to help with the children this week.  On my day off today, we hit spotlight, Gail B’s and then stopped at Eastland for a spot of lunch and shopping.  I did, of course add to my stash with these gorgeous fat 18ths.  No real plan yet, however there is one in the wind. 

I really hope I have squishy mail tomorrow!

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