Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The Leibster Blog Award ... for ME

I had never heard of the Leibster Blog Award, till yesterday.  For Small Blogs, of less than 200 followers.  I qualify, there is no doubt!   

A big thank you goes to Theresa, at Common Quilts, for stopping by and sending this award my way.

To keep the tradition of the Leibster alive, I now need to award this to 5 other blogs, which inspire me.

I hope you enjoy visiting these blogs, as much as I do.

The lovely Fiona blogs at

Tracey at the beautifully named,

 I have been working on a project, just deciding on a border, or if I just make the fabric the binding, and leave it without extra fabric around the edge.

I also upgraded my frogging equipment.  Better watch myself or I'll do myself the damage!! 

I have had lots of time to work, with a couple of days off, so without further ado …. Back to quilting!


  1. Oh wow, thank you so much Caz :) x

  2. Thanks Caz! I love reading your blog too :) xx

  3. Your welcome Waverlee & Tracey XX

  4. You are very sweet Caz...and I agree the Peony Teacup is a place you want to check out.