Wednesday, 23 May 2012

All caught up

These last couple of days has seen me madly getting up to date with my Craftsy BOM.

I wanted to finish the hexagon blocks and make a start on May’s, Log Cabins.

The Log cabins were fun.


I tried to go wonky for the second, but it didn’t quite work.  This is not all bad, as I feel that the more structured ‘wonky’ block suits this fabric much better.

I am quite pleased with my blocks so far.


  1. I love your blocks, your fabrics and the arrangements. So pretty!

  2. Oh my goodness they are amazing, are those tiny hexie's radiating out from the larger one? You are amazing.

  3. Yes, Bec ... 3/4" hexie's! So fiddly, but it all looks good together! You made me blush, lol!

  4. Love your Craftsy blocks, Did you post on the Craftsy site, i don't think i saw them there. The hexi pouch is very cute

  5. Thanks Sheila! I haven't put any pics up on the craftsy site, only because I am lazy, lol!