Thursday, 3 May 2012

Allsorts of Domestic Bliss

Squishy mail arrived this week.  

As a special find under the bench at Ink & Spindle, when the call came out for a home … I obliged.  So glad I did.   

This is gorgeous fabric, to put it mildly.  No real plan for a destination.  I may just pat it for a while!

Miss 8 is home not feeling well.  Cuddled up on the couch with a minky quilt, destined for another home, she asked me to “whip one up”.

So here I am.  Domestic Bliss at its best!


  1. Damn it. I have had my eye on this fabric collection (layer cake) and tonight discovered they are on sale in Anorina's shop. Sitting here with it open in one of my tabs. Now seeing this, I think I'm going to have to get it :) Really liking how you have done HST's with it.

  2. Hehehehe. Thanks Waverlee, you have got to love online shopping!! The HST's are coming up a treat. I have the minky for the back here too. Hopefully a finish this weekend!

  3. Hi Caz! Thanks for being a new follower on my Common Quilts blog! I was a bit surprised by the response from Alex at Aurifil threads - contacting me to test their thread. Shock is a better word...

    Anyway, I had the privilege of being nominated as a small blog for the Liebster Award, and so I've nominated your small blog for the Leibster Award today! Congratulations! (I had to Google it first since I had no idea what it was!)

    -Teresa at Common Quilts

  4. Nice blog. Love the fabric in those HST. Looking forward to the finished top.
    Cecilia at Ceciliaquilts

  5. Wow ..Thanks so much Theresa Xx