Friday, 20 April 2012


As an artist, one must have a palette.  However, it is also good to show some restraint.  Of which I have none!

Naughty Spotlight has had DS prints on sale at 50% off.  I just couldn't resist.  As I needed grey thread for mums quilt, I was in the store and these gorgeous fabrics were calling from the shelves.

I do have a plan (half formulated), with someone in mind for this one.  There will be lots of patting of fabric, and hopefully inspiration will overwhelm me.  

The other day I grabbed some hexi papers, however got the wrong size.  I rectified this, with the correct size and also couldn't resist 30 cm of two more Echino prints.  Into the stash ... shhhhhhhhh!

I also got the Zakka Style book and will hopefully be inspired to create some little goodies from there.

Now to quilting!!

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