Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sassy Flowers

Mum’s quilt, has been a project I started late last year.  Using a layer cake of Sassy, it is a lovely mix of colours and prints which I hope mum will love. 

I used a technique I had seen on one of the Missouri Star Quilt Co. tutorials.  It was quick and easy, and came together really quickly.  The sandwiching and quilting has taken longer!!

I decided to use a minky backing as I wanted a single piece of fabric, and it wasn’t wide enough to warrant a wide back.  The width of the minky is perfect.

I have started by quilting some stabilising straight lines.  Tonight I have begun the free motion quilting of the rest of the quilt top using a meandering stipple with flowers.  

Might have to call it a night and get up fresh in the morning?


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