Wednesday, 18 April 2012

High Praise

Well the quilt has been deemed a success.  As Lachlan got under his quilt, but on top of his doona, he was heard to say, "Best owly quilt, ever!"

Who am I to argue?

I am very pleased with how it has turned out.  I used Saffron Craig's  gorgeous owls, a layer cake of Moda's Half Moon Modern and some bits and pieces from Spotlight. I tried some new things, and know that I need much, much more practice.

Lucky I have several quilt tops, I have prepared earlier .... or maybe onto a new project?  


  1. Looks amazing. It looks just as good on the back - I like that green. I'm impressed with all those different free motion designs. Maybe I should try some printed blocks for free-motion practice!

  2. It was a great way to practice Bec! As it turns out, the blocks I did the pebbling on are up the top near his hands. He has been playing with them under his fingers.