Thursday, 20 September 2012

Tula Pink SAL

If we all did the things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves.
- Thomas Edison

Isn’t this the truth?

My favourite fabric and quilt pattern designer, is the delightful, Tula Pink.

With an obsession with all that is Tula Pink, I have jumped at the challenge to sew something in the Tula Pink Sew AlongHosted by Sew Sweetness, with some fantastic prizes on offer (but yet to be announced … how cool would a new Bernina 820 with Tula Pink embellishments be!  I think I might faint if I won one of those!!)

I have to use up some of this gorgeous fabric which I keep promising to make into a beautiful quilt!

I keep tell myself this as I cut into a pile of fabric, which is not just any pile of fabric ... but a half yard bundle of Tula Pink’s yummy The Birds and The Bees. 

 Destined to be slashed and pinned into submission, hopefully to emerge something like the pattern, Space Dust … with my own twist!  

I may even have time to use up some of this Hushabye, or do something with my 3/4" EPP hexagons in Parisville and Prince Charming.  Got lots to choose from. 

So, am I kidding myself?   

No, just cut that fabric girl!!!!!

What are you going to make?

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