Friday, 7 September 2012

Bower Bird

Not a lot of quilting has been done lately.  Work and life seem to creep in at times and no matter how much you want to sew, you can’t.   

So instead I have been collecting quilting books.  Some were a steal at the Book Depository, while others have been lucky finds for almost half the price seen elsewhere.

Liberty fabrics, Scrap Quilts and quilting motifs and techniques have been on my collection list.  

So many quilts ... so little time!

Miss 8 has started her Christmas Rag Quilt.  She found the designs in Spotlight, too difficult to resist on a recent trip.   

Glad to see that she is enjoying sewing with mum … for now!

 Master 7 has also been busy.  No craft, however he participated in the school production recently and couldn’t resist being the center of attention at the end of their item!  Glad I caught his cheekiness for the record.

Now to tidy up my sewing space, so I can do some sewing.

Borders going on today.


  1. Oh little Miss 8 is clever...and great choice with the emus. Are you teaching her hand sewing or on the machine?

    You have done well with the books - a couple there that I likey very much - Doll Quilts and that Free Motion Quilting book. That whole section in The Book Depository is nearly on my wish list.

  2. Some great books there! I filled my cart up with a few of those this week, but haven't hit buy yet.I really want the Angela Waters one, I have scrap republic and love it! Would love to hear your thoughts on "modern quilting designs" :)

  3. Gemma, it was your amazing quilt that inspired me to get Scrap Republic. I love it too. Both the Angela Waters book and Modern Quilting Designs will be fantastic to further my knowledge and skills with fmq. I have not done as much as I would have liked lately and think I need to really push myself .... hoping these help. I haven't used any of the designs, yet!!

  4. love those books, I will check out the tula pink one, I made a quilt from some of their fabric ages ago, its on my bed as its one of my fav's!