Thursday, 7 June 2012

Winter Blues

I have broken out the lemon, honey and ginger, in the hope that it will help with these winter blues!

Not to get behind in my commitments, I have been putting together a couple of gifts, destined as birthday presents in the very near future.

 Not to spoil the surprise, I am not going to say who they are for.

I used some gorgeous, linen weight Leicen fabric for the outside, and middle inner section.  I also made the scissor holder from some of this fabric also.  Solids and spots have really set this kit off.

In this kit I also used a linen weight cotton fabric for the outside and inner sections/pockets.  The binding is in a cotton. 

I have yet to hand stitch the bindings, which I will do today, snuggled on the couch with a quilt, a cuppa and my box of tissues.


As always, I am planning something new.  I managed to get a great deal on some gorgeous Leicen Floral Collection Rococo & Sweet.  Lots of fabric, I got minimum 1 meter cuts.  

Not really sure how to put these beautiful fabrics into a quilt.

Any suggestions???


  1. These are looking so great! I am love love loving that sewing themed fabric! What is it called? Inquiring minds need to know ;)

    I think those Lecien fabrics would look gorgeous in a lattice style quilt. But then I am a bit partial to a lattice quilt!

    Hope you are feeling better soon!

  2. I am now thinking Double Wedding Ring Quilt, with a twist! AM I MAD?? I am all into starting long term projects right now, lol. Thanks for the encouragement Kristy!

  3. WHat lovely gifts - someone will be a happy chappy :)

  4. Just wondering if you ended up sewing with your Rococo and Sweet fabric, and if you didnt would you be interested in selling? xx

    1. I am using it for a quilt for my grandmother, a WIP!! If I have any left, I shall let you know (have HEAPS!) XX