Monday, 9 January 2012


I made a visit to the country to see my kids.  

I took all the necessary things on a trip away from home … rulers, mats, machine, fabric, quilt blocks and a few clothes and the tooth brush!  

As you can imagine, the children were ecstatic to see me after leaving a few days after Christmas.  I too, was pleased to see them.  Master 6 is growing every day, and I find that he taken to tennis!!  Playing outside against the wall with the racket and ball, with his sun glasses on, he is in heaven.  Unfortunately for him, Sunday was a miserable day, with wind and rain.  Staying inside was not his idea of fun.  However when allowed on the computer, he felt very grown up.  


 The gorgeous neighbor, Miss 13 who Miss 8, adores, came over and played! 

Miss 13 already has at least one quilt under her belt, a beautiful rail fence … which I have seen in the flesh!  
In fact after seeing some of my fabric on Saturday, she tried to get some charm packs from the local quilt shop, but of course being a Sunday, they were all closed.  

I could see she loved the packs of Just Wing It, by Moda, that I had with me, so asked if she would like one.  

The two girls then got to laying them out on the floor.  

I then cut some strips of white homespun and they got sewing.  

At this point it was time for Miss 13 to leave and go to dinner with her parents, at her nanna’s.  She took what she had done to show her nanna, who also happens to have a 
long arm quilting machine!!!!!!!  
I am informed that nanna, ‘loves the colours’, so will source some fabric on the bolt for her to put on a border.   

I also finished  sewing the blocks my mother’s quilt top.  I am done bar the borders.  
I am happy enough with the layout, and I think she will love it.  I love it, the aqua, salmon, and olive, black and cream combination.  I hope to have it finished and ready to quilt by the end of the week. 

'Roxy' was obviously missing me while away and has not left my side since I got home!!
Got to love a welcome home XX


  1. I spy an In the Woods layer cake there.

  2. Yeah, had it for a while now, lol! Just finding the perfect project for it. I think a plus quilt would be nice, just need to work out the cutting etc. I am inspired by Milly's!!