Sunday, 30 October 2011

Getting in touch with my quilty-self

It has been a while since I have had more than a day off here and there, so this weekend has been a blessing.  Night shifts can really leave one disconnected, and I went with the need to be in touch with my quilty-self.

I have been working on two baby quilts … Yes, more babies to welcome.  Neither couple know what they are having.  I have gone with the mothers choice of fabrics for the first.  It uses a lovely charm pack of Terrain, from Kate Spain.  It has rich, vibrant colours, which really have come together in this ‘stack’ type quilt. 

It will be backed in a rich purple labeled as petunia.  Binding is a toss up between a black or an orange spot.  I am leaning towards the orange at this stage.  Will contrast beautifully with the purple backing. 

The second quilt is using a Max & Whiskers charm pack.  Again in a stack pattern, I have sashed in grey.  I found some lovely fabric at Spotlight this weekend which will be perfect for that something that it is missing right now.

Having looked at it on my design wall all weekend, I feel I can now move along with the construction of this quilt.

I have also been busy piecing my EB Dolls Quilt.  I had been a little unsure of the design, so after the first piecing session, I let it sit on the wall.   

I then decided I needed to put borders on to give it that little extra bit I felt it was missing.  I am happy to say that it is ready to baste and quilt.  I have a free motion design in my head, to compliment the piece … Lets just see if I can pull it off.  I have been really nervous about this DQS as it is my first.  I don’t want to put up something mediocre.  Imagine if my partner hates it!!!  Oh well, they can always send it back as I think I may find it hard to send in the first place.  Fingers crossed it comes off!

Lastly, for confession … I am a fabric addict!  A sale of 40% off printed quilting fabric had me in a frenzy this weekend.  All those lovely ideas in my head, being able to come to fruition!!!!!!   

Lucky for me I am working all weekend (Melbourne Cup Day to boot) so can replace funds!!  Here is a sample of some of my 67.3m of fabric.  Told you I was a little fabric fascinated!!  I have a gorgeous friend who works at the Sydney Rd store, who I called this morning.  I left a message and then decided to go to another store instead of trekking into town.  As I was leaving with my stash of fabric, who should call?  Yes, the lovely Jenn.  From work, if you don’t mind!!  I should have taken that trip into town.  Never mind, I am sure there will be a next time.

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