Friday, 14 October 2011

Busy as a beaver!

So another week is at an end, however mine is really just starting!  Will not have much time to devote to any quilting this weekend, however will be doing lots of planning!  I thought I would update on some new projects, and on some finished ones.

Yesterday I cut some fabric to piece the top of a baby quilt for a friend due quite soon!  I am using a charm pack of Terrain, with some stash fabrics.  I have separated into piles for the 'stacks' I need, and will piece them together when I get a spare hour or so.  Unsure on the backing fabric as yet, but wanted to wait till I knew exactly how much I will need if buy off the bolt.  Have made costly miscalculations which has led to  me needing to buy more.  Still nothing goes to waste here!

I was a very naughty girl and have added to my stash on a couple of occasions, when I possibly shouldn't have.  However, I have my hands on some lovely purples, for the stash.   

I also added to my collection of Verna fabrics from Kate Spain!  I am planning a queen size quilt for myself with this line, and have been hording fabrics when I can, and when I come across them.  May even have enough for a large throw for the lounge, especially if I mix with some plain colours.  

I am particularly excited about getting my hands on some of the not yet relased fabric from Kate Spain, again, Good Fortune.  

A fat 1/8th pack and a layer cake will have me in quilty heaven ... I am imagining just looking at my unopened packages of lushness!  No plan as yet, but may just have to make it a second throw for the lounge!!  (Is it just me, or is there a theme running here in this post?  I think I am addicted to Kate Spain!)

A little man named James, has certainly made an impression with us.  Born three days apart, Lachlan and fellow Junies helped him celebrate his birthday this year ... in June, in amongst treatment at the Royal Children's Hospital, for liver cancer.  We have been following his journey and wishing him the best in his fight with this nasty, nasty illness.  Lachlan insisted I send his finished owl quilt to James, as James is so sick.

It was sent with lots of love and has been recieved with the comment, "Wow, beautiful!".  Very pleased with how the quilt turned out, where it has gone to live, and mostly how kind and generous my little man is.  Sending lots of love to the Clarke Family XX.

I also wanted to share the finished single size quilt I made for Tenille for her 8th Birthday.  It was my second (can I count a dolls quilt as first?) free motion quilt, but my first with one of this size! 

I am over joyed with the result and pleased to announce that so is the birthday girl.  She was heard to brag about it in Target, when shopping with her Nannie!

Finally, my EBDQS is coming along nicely.  I have been working on it over the week and have definately got a great plan.  It is half executed now, and hope to get a bit further on it in the next week.

I was thinking of making it a reversable DSQ.  What does everyone think?  I have a lot of fabric here that I could use to piece the back in some of the fabrics I haven't used on the front.  The fabric is Little Apples.

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