Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Something Big, Something Small

Things have been beyond exciting on the quilting front, and it is time to share!

I have had my heart set on owning a longarm quilting machine, for a while now.  I am pleased to report that in the next few months I will be blogging about the moving of my new/old machine from its present home … to mine!    

I am so very excited and plan to spend some time getting used to the set up … then get my quilt on!  On a 14 foot table, this baby is going to bring a whole new dimension to my quilting.

I haven’t been idle on the quilting front either.
Several babies are due shortly and I have just finished this little quilt.

Using charms, from a recent rainbow swap … it was quickly pieced using alternating hourglass blocks.    

Inspiration for this quilt came from Happy Zombie, although I did not add flying geese to mine.   

I love the effect the dark and light hourglass blocks give to the quilt.

 Quilting was a simple stipple.  I wanted to keep the quilt with a soft drape.  I quilted a half feather in the white border.  Not sure it works, but it was good practice.  

Backing and binding is from the stash, some lovely Retro Active in the purple colourway.

I have a second quilt using this same layout, just with a charm pack of Comma.   
Sewing the binding today.

Off to the Australian Quilt Convention tomorrow.  I can’t wait to oogle all the gorgeous quilt candy I will see.   

Maybe someday I will have a quilt hanging there?!  

A girl can dream.


  1. Ooooo...share pictures of the convention! Yayyyyyyy for a long arm!!!!! I do so like the quilt, too...such a cheery looking thing!

  2. Yay for the long arm. How exciting! LOVE the quilt. The grey & white hourglasses really set off those rainbow charms perfectly. Enjoy AQC. :)

  3. Lots of fun at the convention! I love your quilts!

  4. So exciting to be getting a longarm! Will be looking forward to seeing your fabulous new world of quilting start!

    Great quilts - the rainbows are gorgeous!

  5. I love everything rainbow. Your quilt looks great!

  6. That quilt is so very pretty :) I hope you had a good day yesterday, I was there too, wish I had been able to meet up!

  7. I'm dreaming of a long arm too...and space to put it! Your quilt is beautiful. So bright and cheerful.

  8. Lovely quilt Caz! Congrats on your new baby (machine)! :)

  9. What a beautiful quilt. I love your fabric and pattern choice.

  10. Fun the quilting in the border!

  11. This is my first visit (through TGIFF) and my first thought when I saw just your image on the link-up party was - ooh a Happy Zombie quilt! I love the colors and the the simple but cool look the quilts both have. Very cool and very fun for babies - I wished I had sewed back when my daughter was a baby to make cool things like this to have in her space - now I am just playing catch up so she doesn't grow up and out of wanting my home-made stuff around:) Will be following from now on!