Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Bad Blogger

I have been a bad blogger.  Work has been hectic and sometimes posting comes a sad last to family and responsibilities.

Just because I have not blogged, does not mean I haven’t been working on projects on the side.

I am involved in a couple of Rainbow Charm Square Swaps (5” square piece of fabric).  The first swap I am in, had me collecting purples, in 10 different fabrics.  These I cut into 12 charm squares.  I then sent them off, and this week my first rainbow parcel arrived.  I quite quickly, joined with two more colours in a subsequent swap.   This time, orange and yellow.   I am eagerly awaiting those to be returned and then I will make a start on a scrappy rainbow quilt of some sort.  I am still eying off all the rainbow quilt’s online to decide on a plan.

I have also got to quilting stage, a lap quilt out of my precious Verna fabric, with some Kona Ash.  I have backed it in a yellow minkee, which has no dots!!!  I was stoked to find it at a fabric store I don’t normally frequent.   

Here it is after I finished basting ... on my wall!  It is a tight squeeze for the width of fabric, but as I have spray basted, feel this will hold well.  This minkee doesn’t feel as thick as the dot minkee, however I feel it will be perfect for this quilt.  It is going to a very special lady … so I want to get it finished asap.

From the offcuts of this quilt, I have put together another top, which is smaller in size.  It may be suited to a baby quilt, I am still deciding if I add borders, and how I will do this.

Annual leave has started again for me so hopefully I will have some finished projects to share shortly.  I may even make a start on something with this bundle of goodness!



  1. Love the Verna quilt and what you have done with the corners, great idea...

  2. Who knew so much went into making a quilt? You are very clever:-)