Thursday, 1 September 2011

SHHHHHHHHHHH ..... Stash Building!

This week has seen me back into the swing of full time shifts now that Master 6 is feeling miles better. As a result, the quilting has taken a back seat.  Still that is no reason not to pick up gorgeous fabric when you see it ... Right?

I managed to find some bits and pieces at my local fabric store which was too hard to resist.  Off the bolt and for an absolute bargin.  So I got 30cm pieces of each. 

I also got some pieces of felt, as I had read a tip of practicing FMQ with two pieces of felt, instead of wasting fabric and batting to make quilt sandwiches.  At 89cents a piece, good value I think.  Now to just sit and give it a good go.

This morning has been spent, preparing for Father's Day on Sunday.  I managed to find what I needed quickly and popped into an A&R store which is clearing out.  I found a fabulous quilting book, which I also snapped up. 

Imagine my exciement when I arrived home to an express post package!   I managed to find Terrain Charm Packs online for a steal ... so got three.

I have a half plan in mind, so will work on that over the weekend.

I plan on basting Master 6's quilt

and putting together the backing for Miss 7's quilt. 

I am looking forward to a very productive weekend.


  1. there is no harm adding to stash, you should see my wool/yarn stash or maybe not lol

    ooh love the terrian fabric design and colours yumo. Have a link for you for a catalogue will post on FB. working getting in the way, give you time to look forward to making when you can


  2. I can imagine Mal!! Thanks for the link, I now have more things on my 'want list'!